La Ronge Enkyoji

Adopt a Bonsai

Adopt a 3-year-old Pine Tree and learn how to grow it into a beautiful Bonsai.

Bonsai courses are offered in late spring and summer in La Ronge, Saskatchewan.

What Bonsai Really is...

Bonsai literally means, “Planted in a Pot” in Japanese. It is an ancient horticultural art form that emerged originally from China. From there, Bonsai went on to be further developed in Japan. As a powerful yet delicate portrayal of the trees in the forest, a Bonsai Tree is a captivating celebration of nature’s beauty, blended with your creativity, passion, and care.

What We Offer

The Beauty of Nature in a two-hour class about Bonsai.

Choose your Tree

Discover your Trees Vision

Shape your Tree Beautifully

Care for it from that moment.

Trees Invite You to their World of Harmony and Tranquility

Start your Bonsai Journey

During a two-hour class, you will learn the basics about Bonsai and how to care for your tree. Then, you will pick your favourite Pine Tree (several types are available) and discover it’s hidden beauty. The next step is to shape the tree by wiring, followed by placing the tree into a pot.

Reserve your Bonsai

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